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Main categories: Videojet printers,LInx printers,Laser Printers,Consumables,Spare parts
Our Advantage
High qulity Competitive price Fast service
1.High quality
Quality is crucial to our business and is the fundamental reason for our success. Each goods printes machines or consumables ,we will test it before shipping.
2.Competitive price
Our goal is to provide our agent with high quality products at competitive prices. In order to keep prices as competitive as
possible without compromising product quality, we work very hard. We have developed a close relationship with our distributors who can always offer the high quality products and the most competitive as
far as possible. At cheef we are proud of that we can be able to provide our customers with the products have great quality and a low price.
3.Fast Service
We understand that our distributors brand and reputation is extremely important.we response fast to our clients to assist our partners to win the orders and get win and win.
Whether it is your money or the goods, it is safe to pay to us. We do to cheat any clients ,we feedback real idea to our clients. before clients, we are real.
Main Products
  • Willett cij inkjet printers 620
    FOB Price:$1,999.00 / set
  • Videojet 1280 intelligent small character inkjet printer
    FOB Price:$6,515.15 / piece
  • Videojet 1580 small character cij inkjet printer
    FOB Price:$7,727.27 / piece
  • Willett cij inkjet printers 640
    FOB Price:$3,707.00 / set
  • Imaje inkjet printers 9040 1.2G cij printer print materials such as cartons
    FOB Price:$11,092.70 / set
  • For Markem-Imaje 9020 brand second hand for markem-imaje inkjet printers G print head
    FOB Price:$1,800.00 - $1,900.00 / set
  • Low price brand second hand CIJ small character inkjet printer for Domino A120
    FOB Price:$2,500.00 - $3,000.00 / piece
  • Second-hand small character inkjet printer Domino AX350i printing production date batch number serial number
    FOB Price:$3,900.00 / carton
  • printer Print Module 70micron 399180 for Videojet 1510 cij inkjet printer
    FOB Price:$720.00 - $730.00 / set
  • Original inkjet printer spare parts 1580 air filter element assembly 611221 for Videojet 1580 inkjet printers
    FOB Price:$56.97 - $90.91 / piece
  • Inkjet printer spare parts 1580 Service module 613597 for Videojet inkjet printer
    FOB Price:$163.64 - $191.00 / set
  • AX150i Ax350i maintenance module ITM02 for Domino inkjet printer
    FOB Price:$599.00 / piece
  • Second-hand Linx 5900 continuous inkjets printer are designed to provide continuous and reliable coding
    FOB Price:$2,878.79 / carton
  • Zanasi Z303 7 dot DOD printer /16 dot DOD large character printer
    FOB Price:$2,900.00 - $3,600.00 / piece
  • Ink core with pump 392093 cij inkjet printer spare parts for Videojet 1520/1550
    FOB Price:$1,980.00 - $2,260.00 / set
  • Videojet 6230 TTO inkjet printer
    FOB Price:$4,338.70 / piece
Product Category
  • inkjet printer
  • TIJ printer
  • laser printer
  • Consumables
  • Spare parts
  • Conveyor & Paging machine
Suzhou CHEEF Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CHEEF”) is an advanced labeling solution provider that provides suitable solutions for all major industries.

CHEEF is a professional industrial inkjet printing consumables and spare parts manufacturer. Supplying high quality cij inks, makeup, cleaning compatible with Videojet,Domino,Imaje,Linx, Willett, Hitachi,Citronix,Metronic ,…to global coding and marking industry. CHEEF has a vigorous and energetic team dedicated to improving the existing logo products and technologies to meet the different needs of customers, pursuing the excellent stability of products and reducing the cost of users, ensuring efficient production. The earth improves the overall efficiency of the customer’s equipment.

Our vision is: all products have logos!
Our goal is: our products are everywhere in the world!
Our values are: sincere, diligent, practical, and persistent!
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